Types of Wood

Clearview makes a wide array of products for both residential and commercial applications. To meet the needs of our customers in these areas, Clearview makes mouldings and trims in a variety of woods. Although these are dependent upon availability, some of these wood species include Alder, Ash, Birch, Black Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Poplar, Pine, Redwood, and Spanish Cedar.

Curved Mouldings

With over 20 years of experience with manufacturing curved casings, brick moulds, jamb extensions, and other trim accessories, Clearview provides the highest quality curved mouldings in the industry. Our innovative yet proven design process allows us to provide our customers made-to-order curved mouldings in virtually any shape and size. Because of the high tolerances required when manufacturing curved mouldings, we use a great deal of technology to provide a quality product with each and every order. When it comes to curves, we don’t slow down – we excel. Our curved mouldings are constructed one of two ways: Traditional Finger- Jointed mouldings consist of several pieces of hand-selected premium wood joined together to create one continuous moulding. The moulding is then cut and shaped to the moulding required or needed. Traditional Finger-Jointed mouldings come in both stain grade and paint grade finishes. Laminated mouldings consist of hand-selected premium laminates. These laminates are curved to the shape of the moulding and are bonded together with a clear high quality adhesive. Because the wood laminates used for curved laminated mouldings all come from the same piece of lumber, the wood grains align very well. This provides an attractive final product ideal for a stained finish.

Lineal Mouldings

Whether your order of lineal moulding is 10 lineal feet or 100,000 lineal feet, you can be assured that each piece of moulding will have the very best quality. Each profile is computer generated and the grinding templates for the knives are made with a CNC machine. This process and the precision involved with such a process creates profile knives that provide high quality results each and every time. The knives are then used in our state-of-the-art Weinig moulder. Weinig produces the best moulders in the world, and we are proud to offer our customers the high quality products that this moulder is capable of providing.

Muntin Bar Design

Our experienced engineering staff will provide you with a muntin bar design that encompasses both elegance and structural integrity. Thorough steps are taken to ensure each muntin bar design is manufactured for the correct type of window frame and is manufactured to align with the muntin bars in other adjacent window frames. Once the design has been finalized, the order is placed and the manufacturing process begins. Each muntin bar design is cut to size unless otherwise specified. When your order arrives, you will notice three qualities that set our muntin bars above the rest: the clarity and quality of the wood is unsurpassed, the assembly of our muntin bars is flawless, and their beauty will amaze you.

Prefinished and Prime Products

All of our products, including lineal and curved mouldings, as well as muntin bars, can be primed and prefinished. Here are the finishes available and suggestions for making your selection:

Our Standard Primer is useful for products such as casings, muntin bars, and other interior products. This primer provides a good undercoat for interior products that will be painted upon installation.

Our Deluxe Primer is a high quality primer that is ideal for brickmoulds, subsills, and other exterior products. This primer provides a good undercoat for exterior products that will be painted upon installation.

Our Prefinish is a superior paint available on all of our products. Without the added task of painting products before or after installation, this white satin finish is ideal for quick and clean product installations – something both you and your customers will enjoy.

Mouldings and Profiles

Clearview is currently located at 730 Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. With approximately 80,000 square feet of production floor space, Clearview provides a clean and safe environment for each and every one of its employees. With the use of two state-of-the-art dust collection systems, our facility is one of the cleanest in the industry. Every machine at Clearview has several safety mechanisms installed to prevent accidents. Once a month, all Clearview supervisors meet to discuss potential safety issues and receive safety training. If any safety hazards occur on the production floor, each supervisor is trained to handle the situation properly. This pro-active approach has paid off tremendously.